If you’re relying on satellite or fiber for live broadcast video delivery,
then it's time to take a look at LTN.
The Powerful Live Broadcast Solution That's Ready When You Are.
LTN Global Communications is the most advanced, flexible and reliable solution for live broadcast quality video delivery that’s always ready when you are. It's the video transport service that has every major broadcast network and college institution across the world taking notice. Why? Because it’s fast, reliable and cost effective without any compromise of live broadcast quality.
  • Broadcast quality at much lower cost than satellite or fiber
  • Fully managed and monitored service on an end to end basis
  • One-time installation of an LTN appliance connected to your network
  • Simple online scheduler to easily book feeds in different formats and bit-rates
  • Complete installation & set up in less than an hour

Live broadcast has never been so simple.

LTN is the next generation SmartCloud solution for transmitting SD or HD video to major broadcasters, uplinks or other destinations. Utilizing the power and flexibility of the cloud, LTN developed a proprietary, fully managed global network connected by redundant links from multiple tier 1 carriers. The network enables instantaneous live video delivery with consistent, flawless quality to anywhere in the world.

How Can Your College or University Benefit from LTN?

Connect your professors and administrative leaders to all major news networks for live interviews with Fox, CNN, ABC, NBC, MSNBC, and others.
LTN currently transports over 50 live shots a day to all major networks.
Distribute your content to cable headends, satellite uplinks, television stations or other locations live or taped, sent for occasional use or full-time.
LTN distributes a full-time Native American channel created at San Bernardino Community College to affiliated PBS stations across the country.
Send live sporting events and pre and post game interviews to national sports networks or local affiliates.
Liberty University uses LTN to send live basketball games to ESPN.
The LTN mobile flypack gives you access wherever there's an Internet connection for live broadcast feeds that can be transported back to your campus and local affiliates.
The Buffalo Bills transport live video feeds from all their away games during the 2013 season back to Buffalo via LTN.
Produce live campus events such as nationally renowned speakers or entertainers and share these productions with other schools and locations.
The actor Kirk Cameron spoke at Liberty University’s Convocation and was broadcasted live via LTN to a number of locations around the US.
Connect your main campus with other campus locations, as well as other schools, for enriched distance learning.
Broadcast classes live to multiple campuses or even to other schools, with a live return path for interactive question and answer sessions.

How Does LTN Work?

  1. Provide a standard Internet connection with enough capacity to support your feeds.
  2. LTN ships the equipment preconfigured for your Internet connection.
  3. Connect power cord, Ethernet cable, and video cable and you are ready to go.
  4. Call the LTN support team and we will do the rest.
I’ve been a broadcast engineer for 16 years and have used fiber, satellite and microwave broadcast extensively. LTN installs quickly and there is no comparison to LTN in terms of quality, costs and reliability.
Gary Kirk
Broadcast Engineer
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
LTN performs perfectly for live broadcasts. No worries about weather, steering dishes, tracking down trucks or an engineering team. All major networks are on LTN and it works as well if not better than satellite or fiber. We love it. LTN is a big part of our new HD control room expansion.
Bruce Braun
Executive Director of Technical Operations
Liberty University
Easy Plug & Play
Connect the LTN appliance to the Internet and LTN does the rest.
Wide Scale Availability
Available anywhere on your campus with a standard Internet connection
Major Broadcast Partner
Every major broadcast network can be reached via LTN
Cost Effective
1X installation cost and you begin to experience much lower cost than fiber or satellite

Compare LTN and there is no comparison

LTN Stacks up where it matters most
Live Broadcast
Live broadcast
Live broadcast
High availability and redundancy
High quality and performance
Point-to-point or point-to-multipoint capability
Requires minimal operating and capital expenses
Ease of use and setup
Cost effective for occasional-use or full time feeds
Easily flexible with format and bit-rate
Global availability

I am interested in the LTN live broadcast solution.

Other Ways to Contact LTN

By Email: ltncc@ltnglobal.com
By Phone: 252-355-4610 ext 2
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