NewCom International launches Industry game changer and closes the gap for Broadcast Content Providers

NewCom International is revolutionizing the way content providers are bringing programming at an affordable rate and increasing QoE (Quality of Experience).  Strategic partner Alexander Fiore from Latele Novela Network (LNN) has teamed up with Maria Jose Revalderia, general manager of Spanish channel 8Madrid, to bring the latest in entertainment programing to the United States at a fraction of what it costs for programming to transmit via satellite or the astronomical costs of implementing new fiber lines.  The secret to NewCom’s ability to save thousands of dollars for content providers is because of their top of the line services and an innovative video transport solution provided by LTN Global Communications. LTN’s unique cloud-based global video delivery coupled with NewCom International’s world renowned service helps optimize the use of this solution and in turn enables clients to slash their costs of acquisitions and dissemination of programming by thousands. Read More