SmartCloud Full-Time Service

LTN SmartCloud provides a fully managed, highly reliable video delivery solution, enabling professional broadcasters to deliver live video content globally and cost effectively. SmartCloud maintains a flawless signal, 24×7.

The SmartCloud service

  • Distributes video feeds from any source to any number of destinations
  • Provides an exceptional live viewing experience
  • Globally available from any location that has sufficient Internet access
  • Enables easy and quick set up and management
  • Supports any bit rate
  • Supports SD, HD and 3D
  • Provides Over 99.999% reliability
  • Has less than 200 msec end-to-end latency
  • Offers flexibility without capacity constraints – provides the capacity needed on-demand

SmartCloud – Superior Engineering

SmartCloud is a powerful and highly scalable media transport service, engineered to provide uncompromising quality and reliability. SmartCloud utilizes the LTN Network, a proprietary, intelligent, global network of super‐nodes that are connected via multiple, redundant Tier-1 multi‐gigabit IP backbone links. The LTN Network employs sophisticated real time algorithms to maintain flawless, continuous service under stringent performance guarantees.

LTN Provides 24×7 Monitoring and Support

The SmartCloud service is constantly monitored and fully managed by LTN Global Communications staff. In addition, LTN’s dedicated customer support is available 24×7 to answer questions and address any issues.

Customer Traffic Monitoring

A web based real-time monitoring tool displays the status of every one of the sources and channels available to the customer, and provides the customer with a detailed report on each video flow in both graphic and table views.